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Why You Should Invest in a Whole House Generator

Many homeowners invest in generators to keep the lights on when there is a power cut. It can be an invaluable asset in the event of a storm, social disruption, or natural disasters. 

Unfortunately, homeowners will sometimes go bargain hunting for the cheapest generators they can find instead of investing for the long-term. Yes, there are more affordable models on the market, but they do not provide the same level of reliability and performance as standard versions and often represent a false economy. They may provide power for a while, but they come with significant drawbacks. 

In this post, we outline some of the reasons why you should invest in a quality whole house generator. We then discuss why Generator Supercenter and Generac offer the best-value products. 

Quality Generators Offer Higher Efficiency

While the purchase price of budget generators is low, their ongoing running costs can be high. Poor efficiency means that they often require more fuel over time to keep the lights on, increasing your expenses. Low-quality generators may also require more motor oil, again pushing up your costs. 

For instance, a quality generator from Generac, such as the Protector Series Standby Generators, may consume as little as 0.67 gallons per hour. However, a similarly-specced inexpensive Chinese import from overseas might consume 30 percent more and produce a lower power output. 

Thus, whenever you consider purchasing a generator, you need to balance purchase costs against running costs. Quality generators become more appealing the more you intend to use them. Fuel savings over the long run (whether you use gas, natural gas or propane) can be considerable if you choose a premium option. 

Quality Generators Last A Long Time

Investing in a whole house generator needs to be a long-term decision. If you purchase a cheaper generator, you may find that you need to replace it after just a few years of use. Overall, you may find that your costs are higher than if you had purchased a higher-quality model from a reputable manufacturer. 

Thus, the cost-benefit calculation for generators is similar to many other products on the market. The more you are willing to pay upfront, the better your overall long-term cost trajectory will be. For instance, low-quality generators from Chinese manufacturers may last 1,500 hours or less – equivalent to around 9 weeks of continuous running. By contrast, high-quality generators from Generac may last more than double that – over 3,000 hours. 

Quality Generators Will Not Damage Your Electronics And Appliances

Generac generators produce stable and consistent electrical outputs within a narrow band, but this is not true of all generators. Cheaper models can behave erratically, leading to spikes in wattage that can negatively impact appliances and electronics in your home. For instance, choosing the wrong generator could damage your computer, TV, light fixtures, washing machine, refrigerator or any other device connected to your mains power supply. 

Please note that electronics are highly sensitive to changes in wattage. Thus, when you choose a generator, you also need to factor in the damage that it could potentially do to your computers, smartphones, and laptops long-term. An inexpensive generator might have a low ticket price, but it may incur additional costs in the form of damage to your household items. 

Again, Generac generators allow you to avoid these issues. State-of-the-art technology carefully regulates the wattage (and other electrical parameters), ensuring that they are safe for powering modern consumer electronics. 

Quality Generators Will Not Fail When You Need Them Most

The purpose of investing in a whole house generator is so that you have power that can kick in immediately if the mains power goes out. In many cases, keeping electricity flowing is imperative. A consistent electrical supply allows you to keep medical devices running, prevent food in your freezer and refrigerator from spoiling, and keeps the lights on, helping you avoid trips and falls. 

Unfortunately, unless you purchase a quality generator, you are much more likely to experience a failure. Cheap products are less reliable and more prone to cutting out when you need them most. 

Thus, buying a quality whole house generator provides you with two clear benefits:

  1. It will kick in reliably when it detects an interruption in mains power supply
  2. It gives you peace of mind that if and when there is an outage, you have a reliable source of electricity generation.

Quality Generators Are Quieter

The acceptable noise level for domestic-use generators (that is, those you intend to use in your home) is between 85 and 90 decibels. However, this noise level is still extremely high. So high, in fact, that standing next to a generator with this audible output could damage your hearing – a level that could interrupt your sleep and irritate your neighbors. 

Cheap generators do not use sound mitigation technology, and so they tend to be much louder than premium versions. A cheap generator might produce 80 decibels while a quality generator may only produce 60 decibels. 

This is a substantial difference. Each 10 decibel increase represents a doubling in noise level. Hence, a quality generator from Generac could be between 10 and 100 times quieter than a generic, budget-oriented alternative. 

Why Generator Supercenter and Generac Offer The Best Value Products

While Generator Supercenter and Generac do not offer the cheapest products, they do offer the best value. As we have seen, there is a tradeoff between the upfront cost you pay for a generator and the long-term running costs. Cheap generators are inexpensive to buy, but they depreciate quickly, require replacement after only a few years, and cost more to maintain. They also produce more noise and emissions, making them a false economy. 

Most consumers are better off purchasing a quality product that lasts for years. Our products offer low maintenance and running costs, and provide lasting peace of mind. 

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