With A GenMonitor Maintenance Program, You’ll Never Be Left In The Dark Again!

If sitting in the middle of a power blackout without any lights, HVAC or access to appliances is A-OK with you, then the chances are you don’t have a standby generator. However, if you want to make sure your family stays comfortable and safe, even when the power grid isn’t online in your location, you are likely familiar with the Generac brand and have one installed on your property. 

However, as generators are complex pieces of equipment that are relied upon during emergencies, it’s not enough to just have one installed. Instead, you also need to make sure it’s maintained properly. Of course, the smartest and easiest way to ensure this happens is to sign up for a generator maintenance program. Indeed, there is a whole range of great benefits to making sure you keep your generator correctly maintained so that you can access it this way. Keep reading to discover what they are. 

Cut your long term costs

While most people agree that generators are worth the investment, it is possible to reduce the costs involved by guaranteeing they get regular maintenance by signing up for our program. The idea here is that with guaranteed regular maintenance small issues like wear and tear, or a lack of oil can be caught before they morph into major problems that will seriously impact the function and health of your machine. 

Indeed, having a generator and ignoring regular maintenance provisions, is nothing but a false economy. That is, it may seem as if you are saving on maintenance costs in the short term, but you are storing up potentially expensive issues in the long run. Issues that in a worst-case scenario could leave you not just out of pocket, but without a working generator when you most need it. 

Saves you money on fuel 

It’s not only the repair costs that our generator maintenance program can help keep low, but also your spending on fuel for your generator. This is because a machine that has a fault or issue won’t be running in the most efficient way possible, and therefore it will use up more expensive fuel. 

However, by ensuring your generator gets regular maintenance, you can catch any potential issues early before they develop into larger problems that will gobble up more than the typical amount of fuel. Thereby saving you significant amounts of money in the long run. 

Extends the lifespan of your equipment 

When you invest in an important piece of equipment like a generator, you’ll want it to last for the longest time possible. Of course, the best way to ensure this is to treat it in line with the manufacturer’s instructions. This will, of course, include maintaining it regularly, a task that our GenMonitor Maintenance Program can take care of for you. 

You can even check your maintenance manual to find the life expectancy of your generator too. Alternatively, you can find the serial number on the casing and then search online. Although it’s worth noting that any of the lifespans mentioned always include regular maintenance inspection and servicing. Therefore, it is vitally important that you keep up these tasks if you want the generator to last as long as possible. 

Saves you time

There is no doubt that using our GenMonitor Maintenance Program will save you time. First of all, it will save you the time and effort it would take to check and complete any maintenance work on your generator, which can be significant with these complex machines. 

Secondly, using our GenMonitor Maintenance Program means you will be taking a proactive approach. This means, instead of waiting until something has gone wrong to act, we can proactively check the health of your generator for you, remotely in most cases. Thereby shortening the wait between fault and repair, and in many cases maintaining your generator so well that you can avoid issues altogether! 

Indeed, even in the rare instance that something does go wrong, our program grants you access to priority service call-outs, so you know help will always arrive ASAP! 

Offers the security of knowing your generator will be there when you need it

Lastly, one of the most significant reasons to choose a GenMonitor Maintenance Program is that it takes all the stress and hassle out of owning and running a generator. After all, there is nothing worse than going to the trouble of having a generator installed, only to find that it won’t start just at the time you really need it. However, the good news is that a correctly maintained generator will be safe, efficient, and reliable, and ensure you have a vital power source when you find yourself most in need. 

Indeed, if you have a standby generator in case of emergencies, then you will know just how vital it is that you can rely on it at all times. Our GenMonitor Maintenance Program gives you that peace of mind. 

Sign up for our GenMonitor Program, today! 

At Generator Supercenter, we get standbys and whole-home power solutions. We specialize in Generac Standby Power installation and have installed over 15,000 generators with certified electricians and plumbers. 

That means our team is perfectly positioned to help you keep your generator in top shape, so it can perform when it’s most needed. 

We can even make things easier with our monthly subscription GenMonitor Maintenance Program. All you need to do is sign up and for a low monthly fee, you can get 24/7 monitoring by our experts, routine maintenance on generator and switch, remote diagnostics of your generator, and super-fast response if there is a problem. 

All you need to do is sign up, today!

Indeed, here at Generator Supercenter, we understand just how important it is to know that your generator will be there when you need it. That is why our programs also include: 

  • Full maintenance with a 40 point inspection, includes transfer
  • Full-time employee dedicated to your monitor
  • Drive-by inspections
  • Certified Generac Parts
  • Manufacturer Certified Technicians
  • VIP Status with Priority Scheduling
  • Discount on Services

With the GenMonitor Maintenance Program, you need never be left in the dark again, both concerning your generator’s status and health and when a real-life emergency hits! 

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